In our mobile-first world, we all count on apps to deliver the right information at the right place and time.

Unfortunately, few (if any) smartphone apps today are “smart" enough to fulfill this promise. Instead of giving us exactly what we’re looking for, apps overwhelm us with too many unwanted notifications — or force us to click, check-in, or search for the information we really need.

At A.R.O., we believe that context is the key to creating the next generation of awesome app experiences. In order to be more effective, apps need to know more about us, the users they serve. They need to know what we’re up to, where we’re headed, where we’ve been — and most importantly, what information we want them to get for us. Tomorrow’s apps will use the sensors already embedded in our smartphones, wearable devices, and personal computers to understand our current context and figure out how they can best enhance our experience — on device or in the real world.

You don’t have to wait until tomorrow, however, to start taking advantage of context.

A.R.O.’s patent-protected software and services help application developers, OEMs, and wireless carriers unlock contextual intelligence from rich streams of sensor data — today. Contact us for more information about how we can help you and your apps take full advantage of the contextual intelligence available from smartphones and wearables.



Saga is the essential lifelogging app to record and share authentic life stories. Saga uses smartphone sensors, third-party data, and user input to build rich, contextual lifelogs. Users can choose to share their lifelogs with friends, family and followers. Check out the Saga blog at




Bubbleator is a suite of Windows 8 and Android apps and wallpapers that transform your home screen into a live stream of information updates.



About Us

At A.R.O., Inc., we believe that technology should make life healthier, happier, and more productive. That’s why we develop apps that make the most of mobile technologies and personal data. We turn sensor data into contextual intelligence you can use.

adrienne01 earlybird

Adrienne Andrew

Software Scientist

you do what you do

i try to understand why

behavior unwound

Amy01 early

Amy Nguyen

Senior Software Engineer

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My profile could not be found

Try again later.

Andy04 earlybird

Andrew Hickl

CEO and President

CEO. Driven

to use tech to change the world.

Usually for good.


Alan L. Liu

Research Scientist

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Ashly02 earlybird

Ashly Yeo

Director of QA

In rain or sunshine
Work done best from spring to fall
Fun wins in winter

booma03 earlybird

Booma Adiaman

Senior SDET

I won't accept less

than the highest quality.

No bug is too small!

Brian 01 earlybird

Brian DeWeese

Director of Mobile Applications
@ briandeweese

for scheme in brian

try prototyping faster
catch plan project end

bryce01 early

Bryce Horwood

Senior Software Engineer

Coder by nature,

With roots from South Africa.

Musician by heart.

ChrisS 01 EARLY

Chris Sandys

Senior Software Engineer

I code for Android

I have been programming long

I do not like bugs

Daryll01 earlybird

Darrell Plessas

Director of Operations
Erin01 earlybird

Erin Mounts

Senior Software Engineer

Hmf. Back in MY day,

we called it the Arpanet.

Now, get off my lawn!

Guillermo02 early

Guillermo Navarro


I enjoy tech work,

but let's go to the outdoors

and get more fun.

horace02 early

Horace Mask


I'm a creepy horse,

captivating the ladies

and scaring children.

Ian02 earlybird

Ian Clifton

Director of User Experience

Passion for Android

and user experience,

in love with bacon.

Jeff01 earlybird

Jeff Ramsdale

Senior Software Engineer
Jeremy01 early

Jeremy Bensley

Director of Engineering

My main goal in life:

To not be replaceable

by a small shell script

Jesse03 early

Jesse Shepherd

Software Engineer

Please help I am stuck

In the A.R.O. website

This is not a joke

Julie03 early sm2

Julie Huffman

Accountant/ Human Resources

To soak up the sun

Is to brighten my resolve

Of that I am sure

Kim 01 early

Kim Barta

Office Manager

Family and friends

bring laughter and joy to me

as life is enjoyed

Kitty03 early

Kitty Ireland

Content Strategist

Friendly introvert

will dazzle you with language...

any minute now.

Lamar01 mixed

Lamar Potts

VP Business Development

Biz and marketing

yes ecosystems galore
happy with deals done

Loren01 earlybird

Loren West

Chief Architect


polymath, Loren can fix

almost anything

Matt01 earlybird

Matt Buckmaster

Art Director

forget round corners

Googie is the future shape

the past is prologue

Michael01 early

Michael Caldwell


pick the right problem

and the rest falls into place

i need more coffee

MikeP02 earlybird

Mike Perkowitz


If your name happens

to be "Perkowitz" you don't

have much space for a

Neil01 earlybird

Neil Moonka

Senior Software Engineer

I look to my past

To help inform my future


Oliver01 earlybird

Oliver Johnson

Software Engineer
Paul01 earlybird

Paul Aarseth

Senior Software Engineer

always writing code

solving problems as I sleep

am I a cyborg?

Peter01 earlybird

Peter Roslander

Project Manager

excite in learning,

and anticipate my like, share

with route to mobile.

rekha01 earlybird

Rekha Raghu

Director of Contextual Products and Services

always in motion,

architecting the future.

curiousity wins.

Robin01 brannan

Robin Dautricourt

Director of Analytics
Russ02 earlybird

Russ Hoppe

Software Engineer in Test

A tall lengthy guy

Testing phones at A.R.O.

Seahawks fanatic

Sean02 early

Sean Roehnelt

Senior Software Engineer

tall man codes all day

to play battlefield at night

sleeps with purring cat

teresa05b early

Teresa Demel

Director of Marketing

I market our stuff

But it's more interesting

That I'm in a band

tt01 earlybird

Todd Tibbetts

Creative Director

One little eyeball,

Riding a sweet bicycle.

I photographed it.

Valerie01 early

Valerie Stimac

Community Manager

Colorful keyboard,

Pictures of London on walls,

Valerie is here!

Vishal02 early

Vishal Modi

Senior Software Developer

Long journey from home

to write code for mobile apps.

Not enough cricket.

Zoe02 early

Zoe Morgan Harris

Director, Ecosystem Product Management

Skate, then a snap-shot.

Back-check for a big paycheck.

No? Oh well. Next life.


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It has been brought to our attention that a scam is using our job listings and HR information to illegally collect credit card numbers. Please be aware that A.R.O., Inc. does not offer work from home positions. We will never ask for you financial or credit card information in the hiring process.

We're looking for a few more folks to join us on this epic journey. We've assembled an incredible team, chock-full of developers, designers, Quantified Selfers, sensor geeks, mad scientists, and usability wonks.

We are currently actively seeking a Software Development Engineer in Test and a Technical Support Specialist.

If you are passionate about building software products, expect more from your apps (and you should), and are fearlessly pursuing your dreams, we want to hear from you!